Local Merrily Mum Spotlight: Kristina Rajes

Kristina started her company, Buy Some Love, after the birth of her first child eight years ago.

Like most of us on mat leave, she needed some extra cash so she starting making and selling jewelry in her Etsy shop and in retail stores. After working at a law firm for 10 years, she decided to quit when she got pregnant with her second child. Her family needed two incomes, so she worked every free minute while caring for both kids at home.

What started off as a way to make some extra money to help support her family has grown into a business that teaches her four kids how much work is involved to make a living, yet how much joy it is to work at something you are passionate about. Buy Some Love is a family labour of love. Her kids help by adding labels to envelopes, sorting beads and designing new styles.

Her fondest memory of starting her business? “Coming home from the hospital just hours after giving birth, breastfeeding my newborn daughter while beading and answering emails.”

Her advice to those wanting to start their own business? “Never take a sale for granted. Your customer could have bought anything else, from anyone else. They chose you. Make their experience magical! Amazing customer service is what will keep bringing them back to you.”

See all her fun & inspirational jewelry in our shop here! It’s such a hit with our little shoppers. :)

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