May Newsletter

We hope you had a great long weekend. Cheers to many more summer weekends ahead!

New extended hours… MONDAYS!
For June we will be open on Mondays from 10am-2pm. If it works, we’ll continue with these hours. :)

Mark your calendars, JUNE 10
DECA’s 5th Annual Danforth East Yard Sale is happening in conjunction with the Danforth Mosaic BIA’s Sidewalk Sale. There will be hundreds of garage and shop sales in the neighbourhood. What a great day to explore with your family and support local businesses. We’ll have lots on sale, so please drop by!

What we’re currently accepting
We continue to add awesome stuff to the site & shop daily. We really need sandals, shorts, swimwear, and sunglasses right now. Check out what & when you can drop off without an appointment here. We update this list almost daily, so please review it before you come in with consignment items. Thanks!

Merrily Mum Spotlight: Amy Wetton, Wild Canary Studio
Amy grew up in Aurora, graduated from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University and worked as a Designer/Art Director for 10+ years in Toronto. She now lives in Leslieville with her husband and three-year-old twins, Jake & Carson.

Wild Canary Studio was born while the boys napped one day and she picked up a paint brush and played around with watercolours. She then started sharing her paintings with friends and family who encouraged her to start her own business. She’s been at it for just over a year now.

She’s always been drawn to the free-spirited nature of watercolours and strives to keep that vibrant and whimsical style flowing through her line of artwork, greeting cards and temporary tattoos. She hopes to capture humour and fun amid the randomness of her quirky and playful creations…“’cause you can’t take life too seriously!”

Her advice for other Mums:

1) “Running your own business is a 24/7 job like having another child. The truth is, you can do it all if you just change what your definition of balance is. There are times when my business gets more attention than my kids and vice versa. In the end I believe that it balances out. So relax, have faith, and take it one day at a time.

2) Don’t let inexperience stop you. My business résumé was basically limited to childhood lemonade stands. Not knowing which steps to take first nearly paralyzed me with fear. But I asked a lot of questions, experienced lots of trial and error and I continue to figure things out as I go along. You just gotta go for it!”

We’re happy she did. :)
Check out Amy’s charming pieces available in our shop!

No more teachers, no more books
Summer is finally upon us and while the kiddos are gleefully counting down the days until the the last school bell, parents and caregivers may be bracing themselves for two of the longest months of the year. If the idea of playing Cruise Director for an additional five days a week is daunting, here are a few inexpensive ideas to stave off the dreaded refrain, “I’m bored”:

Coloured bubbles – a fun twist on a summer classic

Mix 1 and 1/4 cups of water with two tablespoons of sugar until it dissolves.

Slowly add 1/3 cup of dish soap, being careful not to create too many suds.

Divide mixture into four separate containers and add 5-10 drops of food colouring per container. Voila!

Scavenger hunt at the beach

A major perk of living in the east end is the vast natural playground at the base of Woodbine Avenue. To entertain and occupy your little campers, devise a simple scavenger hunt before your next visit to the beach. Give each child a bucket and a list (either written out, or pictograms for the littler humans), and — after setting some ground rules about the water and sight-lines — charge them with finding a handful of beachy treasures (sea glass, a heart-shaped stone, etc.).

Riverdale Farm

Give your mini city-slickers a taste of life outside of the 416 by hopping over to Riverdale Farm. Arm them each with a notepad and ask them to sketch some of the plants and animals they encounter.

Lemonade Stand

Foster their entrepreneurial spirit by helping them set up a classic lemonade stand. Make the experience even sweeter by encouraging them to donate a portion of proceeds to charity.

Corktown Common

Beat the heat in the heart of the city at Corktown Common. One of the best splash pads in the city can be found at the foot of Bayview Avenue & River Street. And when they tire of water fun, there are great play structures, and several spots to enjoy a picnic in this amazing urban greenspace.

Have a lovely week ahead with your families,

– Moxie, Jane, & Missy

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